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Bonaire DailyFresh

We started our adventure in March of 2017.  Bonaire was not only a place we wanted to call home but a place with opportunities.  Opportunities for our family, but also opportunities to live a long awaited dream of having a modern farm.  


Farming has been slow to catch up with the overall technological trends, but in the last 10 years there have been some huge jumps.  A place like Bonaire is perfect for testing the limits of what is currently available, while working with the uniqueness that the climate and habitat have to offer.  


What problem are we trying to solve?

Currently, agriculture on Bonaire can't support the demand.  So Bonaire imports almost all daily food products


This import guarantees a certain degree of food security, but at the same time also entails high costs. Eating fresh produce is expensive on the island.  In addition, importing food brings long transport, and many times a significant loss of quality and shelf life.


The warm climate, poor soil, and scarcity of fresh water is part of the problem for local agriculture.  The constant threat of pest infestations that can wipe out crops and force growers to start from scratch is a common frustration.  How can we make farming more stable? 


We met a lot of great people and learned about these challenges and more for growing food on the island.  We took this information and spent the next few years researching what would be the best option on Bonaire and that is how we started Bonaire DailyFresh Aquaponics.

Our solution:

Aquaponics is low on technology but high on science when it comes to system design and operation.  We measure and control the environment the fish and plants grow in, while ensuring that we have consistent, high quality food available for everyone.  In fact, that's our mission:

Fresh food for everyone

We have a 100% natural, organic system for growing vegetables and protein to feed Bonairians year-round. We use 1/6 of the water to sustainably grow 8 times more food per acre, without using pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. Our system is designed based on scientific research and 20+ years of development, refinement, and operation.


Plus, it's some of the best food we've ever tasted!

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