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September 13, 2022

Embrace Tilapia Despite Its Stigma

Farm-raised tilapia is a sustainable food source, and it can taste delicious too.

“Here, try this.”

I had just started dating this guy when he handed me a plate of deep-fried chunks of fish, salted and crispy, that he cooked himself.

I’m not a huge fish eater, but I felt compelled to try it. I mean, the guy spent all afternoon scaling fish and risking his life with a deep fryer for me, obviously in an attempt to impress me, so I should at least be polite.

And I was pleasantly surprised — not just by his cooking skills but by the fish itself. The white meat was firm and flaky and had a mild taste, if any.

“What kind of fish is this?” I asked, through a mouthful of fish and rice.

“Tilapia,” he replied.

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