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April 21, 2023

Lettuce Gin: Worldwide Trend Coming to Bonaire

In searching for healthier alternatives, a worldwide trend is to make the beverage industry healthier. Examples are low alcohol beers and even alcohol free “liquors”. The latest innovation is to combine heathy foods with alcoholic beverages.

This trend also found its way to Bonaire. Two Bonairean entrepreneurs Eric Gietman of The Cadushy Distillery and Bob Janssen of Bonaire DailyFresh developed a Bonairean Lettuce Gin.

For this gin they used the finest and healthiest vegetables grown by Bonaire DailyFresh in their aquaponics greenhouse at LVV and combined this with the alcohol and skills of The Cadushy Distillery.

This resulted in a brand new Bonairean product called “Greens Gin”. Greens Gin is a locally produced gin made with Bonaire DailyFresh’s best greens such as Summer Crisp, Frisee and Bok Choy and is made at The Cadushy Distillery in Rincón.

According to Master Distiller Eric, the gin tastes “much like the biological lettuce itself, a delicious flavor that is refreshing and somewhat cooling.”

Would you like to see how Greens Gin is made? Visit The Cadushy Distillery in Rincon. The Cadushy Distillery visitor center is open Monday through Saturday from 10 AM until 5 PM. No entrance fee, just bring a good mood.

Bonaire DailyFresh products are available daily at: Van den Tweel Supermarket and Supermarket Warehouse.