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December 20, 2023


"After five years of hard work, it is time to pass the torch"

Bonaire DailyFresh, the leading company in the local agriculture and horticulture sector in Bonaire, announces the upcoming acquisition by agri-entrepreneur Edward van Wonderen, renowned for his expertise in sustainable agricultural practices. For these plans, Van Wonderen is backed by an investor based in Bonaire.

"Bonaire DailyFresh, located on the LVV grounds, has amassed significant experience in the local production of fresh, organic vegetables. Under the leadership of Mr. Van Wonderen, the company will undergo substantial expansion, further increasing its contribution to the local community. After five years of hard work, it is time to pass the torch," stated co-founder Bob Janssen.

With the support and expertise of Van Wonderen, who is currently building a 5,500 m2 greenhouse in Curaçao, Bonaire DailyFresh will continue to evolve. An expansion of over 3,200 m2 is being realized, featuring an advanced hydroponic system. This system can produce approximately 900,000 heads of lettuce annually, along with other leafy greens, herbs, and microgreens, all in optimal conditions.

"Our goal is to cultivate affordable, fresh produce for local consumption, supplying wholesalers, supermarkets, restaurants, and directly to individuals during our weekly fresh market. We aim to reduce Bonaire's dependency on expensive and polluting imports while simultaneously supporting the local economy and employment opportunities," said Edward Van Wonderen.

Edward underscores the company's vision and his respect for the pioneering work of Bonaire DailyFresh: "Like the founders before us, we will not cultivate in the ground but rather in a water-based system. We are extremely enthusiastic about continuing the mission, supported by the knowledge and experience, as well as the support of all stakeholders in Bonaire. Together, we aspire to make this project an inspirational model for anyone interested in sustainable agriculture."

Completion of the expansion is expected by the summer of 2024.

Bonaire DailyFresh looks forward to a new chapter under the leadership of Edward van Wonderen and remains committed to delivering quality fresh products to the Bonaire community.