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Fresh Food for Everyone

Welcome to the world of aquaponics. Here you can discover the bounty of nature. We have grown on the principles of health, and care. We aim to give our customers healthy chemical-free vegetables for perfect nutrition.

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Using aquaponics, we have a 100% organic system for growing vegetables and protein to produce year-round. We use 1/6 of the water to sustainably grow 8 times more food per acre, without using pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers.

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High Quality

Every product is harvested by hand and checked three times before it is delivered to you. After resting for 12 hours in our cooling fridges, the produce is bagged, sealed and labeled. It only takes 18 hours from harvest to delivery.

Organic & Sustainable

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"My burgers are proud to lay on your lettuce!"

Asko Tabasco

King Kong Bonaire

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"The freshest fish and veggies you will ever find!"

Henri Verhoef

Business Owner

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"This is a great initiative for the island of Bonaire!"

Amedé Disbeschl

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Less Water


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Grown on Bonaire

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Eco Friendly

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We Harvest Almost Daily

Once the vegetable is harvested, we dunk it in ice water. The vegetable stays perky and succulent. It extends the shelf-life of vegetables by weeks. 

Easy Delivery

If you are not comfortable going to the nearby marketplace we can deliver your order to your gate.


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21 Apr

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Lettuce Gin: Worldwide Trend Coming to Bonaire

In searching for healthier alternatives, a worldwide trend is to make the beverage industry healthier. Examples are low alcohol beers and even alcohol free “liquors”. The latest innovation is to combine heathy foods with alcoholic beverages.

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1 Dec

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Grand Opening of Bonaire DailyFresh

End of October, LVV hosted an open house with local food, plants, and live music. It was also the grand opening of Bonaire DailyFresh!